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We are thrilled to have our children enrolled in Montessori Family and Community school. The teachers create an environment that allows the children to develop their sense of independence and self worth in the community. When you walk into the center your are overcome by a sense of calmness and it is wonderful to see the respect that is exchanged by both teachers and children. it is rare to find an environment that teaches respect, honor, and communication and we wish this center extended beyond age six.                      Michele Harkov

Each time my niece passes Montessori Community and Family she tells me,
"Tia I love my school."                                                                   Chris Castro

This school is one of a kind!  The love for learning, respect, and independence that is gently instilled into each child is phenomenal. The director goes out of her way to help each family feel comfortable and to ensure that every child is cared for with love and respect. The curriculum is excellent and the support for the social and emotional development of each child is regarded with great importance.  I would highly recommend this program to all families looking for a healthy, supportive, high quality care environment.              Chris Cooney  
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